Host a Truth Drops Workshop!

Share your love of Jesus and spiritual healing by ministering to your friends with a Truth Drops Workshop at your next church retreat or ministry event!

Here are some of the supplies you’ll want to use on one handy page.

Download and print your Truth Drops Class Handout Here!

If you are part of my organization, I’d be happy to schedule a consultation with you to make suggestions on how to teach my classes!

Class handout (front & Back)

The front of your handout has recipes and a link to free resources. Contact me for template to personalize with your contact info.

Scipture-based affirmations

Back Side of flyer: Walk your class through a few simple Truth Drops exercises together.

Order Books

Books are available from Amazon, but I suggest you order straight from the publisher, Growing Healthy Homes, for the best price (bulk discounts may also be available).

Teach a Class!

Spread the love by hosting your own Truth Drops class!

The script above and the following cards are for educational/historical purposes only. They are intended for ministry and not meant to prescribe, prevent, or cure any ailment or disease. 

Ancient Oils Card Set

If you are coupling this ministry event with an Ancient Oils of Scripture class, you may find these two-sided cards helpful in communicating the beauty of God's gift of botanicals throughout the pages of the Bible.

Starting at Creation, God lovingly planned for our ongoing physical, emotional, and spiritual care. I suggest laminating these cards and setting them out, along with decorative bottles of each oil for attendees to sample. Invite me to speak at your next event or learn how to teach your own Ancient Oils of Scripture workshop.

Click below to find out why we cannot blindly trust in doctors, herbs, or any other element of God’s Creation over God Himself.



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