Truth Drops by Stacy McDonald

Truth Drops

A Scriptural Protocol for Releasing Your Past with Essential Oils

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Christian author, blogger, and trauma survivor, Stacy McDonald, gets real about her own painful struggles with toxic thoughts and dysfunctional thinking. After seeking help from a licensed Christian therapist, she finally began to unravel and examine the irrational fears, painful memories, and unhealthy thought patterns that had become entrenched in her mind during her own difficult and complex childhood. 

Truth Drops utilizes Scriptural affirmations, prayer, and olfactory stimulation exercises to establish new neuropathways and actively retrain the brain. Maximize the power of the limbic system by using aromatherapy to ease past hurts and automatically direct the mind to the truth of God’s Word.

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"When we listen to the lies in our head that tell us we’re worthless, the Enemy tempts us to believe they’re true…. God addresses this head-on in Isaiah 54:4 when he tells us that our shame is forgotten."
"I sometimes promoted and empowered the very people who viewed me as less-than. I attempted to please the unpleasable, yet no one was ever pleased, least of all me. "
"Everyone’s inner critic has a different voice, but we all have one. The toxic words repeating in your head like a broken record were likely recorded there long ago by people from your past. "

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