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You number my wanderings; put my tears into your bottle. Are they not in your book? Psalm 56:8

Healing from a painful past involves learning to love your story. But don’t worry; that doesn’t mean you have to love all the tragic or hurtful things that happened to you. It’s important to take time to process and grieve those things. But don’t stay there. And don’t let those things define or control you. 

Loving your story also doesn’t mean you have to love the distorted ways you viewed yourself or God, or how that broken perception may have caused you to hurt others or to relate in unhealthy ways. Clean the lens of your perceptions with the truth of God’s Word, Let Him heal your brokenness and repair the wounds that caused those self-sabotaging behaviors!

Repent where necessary, but don’t stay focused on what is already forgiven. Your story is beautiful – it is what God is using to fashion you into who you are becoming. He is burning away the dross. He is cleaning and healing the broken parts. Sanctification is God’s artistry at work, and we are His workmanship.

Our stories are part of His intricate providence, and like a brilliant musical composition, they can be used bring peace to others and glory to God!

Forgive and release. And nurture the hidden parts of you that God is healing – the parts that lived through tragedy, neglect, abuse, or other traumas. Have compassion for yourself, so you can better show compassion to others.

Sweet friend, you are beautiful. You are valuable. You matter.

Stacy McDonald, Author of Truth Drops
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Stacy D. McDonald

Christian author, blogger, and trauma survivor, Stacy McDonald, gets real about her own painful struggles with toxic thoughts and dysfunctional thinking. After seeking help from a licensed Christian therapist, she finally began to unravel and examine the irrational fears, painful memories, and unhealthy thought patterns that had become entrenched in her mind during her own difficult and complex childhood.

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